February 2, 2011

Frederic J. Siegel has been featured in The Wall Street Journal for living his baseball fantasy.

At 52, Mr. Siegel didn't want to become the fantasy-camp equivalent of the used-up Mr. Mays. Last week when he stepped up to the plate for his final at-bat, Mr. Siegel fantasized about having a moment like the aging ballplayer played by Robert Redford in "The Natural," connecting for a magical blast.

In reality, it was a strikeout at the hands of ex-Yankee reliever Jeff Nelson. Mr. Siegel had watched Mr. Nelson lob easy pitches at older campers so they'd be able to make contact. In Mr. Siegel's case, he actually threw fastballs. "I was happy that he showed me respect," says Mr. Siegel. "That wasn't such a bad way to say goodbye."

Article at The Wall Street Journal: Walking Away From a Fantasy