July 28, 2011

Frederic J. Siegel has been quoted in Jeremy Olshan's New York Post article regarding no-fault divorce.

Under New York's former system, husbands and wives had to prove grounds for dissolving the marriage by providing embarrassing, and often false, testimony.

"The Ten Commandments say, 'Thou shalt not commit adultery,' Woody Allen once quipped. "But New York state says you have to."

Divorce is also less expensive as a result of the change.

Lawyers are spending fewer billable hours deciding whether adultery, cruelty or, most popularly, the refusal of sex for more than a year was to blame for the breakup, attorneys said.

"People didn't want to deal with that embarrassment. This is a much easier process," said lawyer Frederic Siegel. "You would have to spend significant energy and money long before you even got to the economics."

Please read the full article at The New York Post:
Divorce filings in NY up 12 percent since adoption of no-fault divorce