High-Net-Worth Divorce: How to Approach the Dissolution of Your Marriage

Divorce can be difficult for anyone. For clients with high net worth, handling divorces in a way that preserves assets and protects family privacy is an attorney’s primary concern.

Regardless of the duration of your marriage or the reason for ending it, many complicated issues may arise throughout your divorce. If your marital estate is extensive, you need skilled legal counsel to protect your wealth and address future concerns, particularly in regards to asset division, child custody and financial support.

High-net-worth divorces involve the following:

  • One or both spouses with a high income
  • Families who hold significant wealth
  • Couples with extensive trust, real estate, investment, business and other holdings

While the steps toward divorce are similar for anyone in Connecticut, high-net-worth spouses have specific needs. A law firm with experience handling complex divorce matters assists in the following ways:

  • Provides knowledgeable advice and protects your rights and wealth throughout the divorce process
  • Offers high-quality, responsive client service to answer your questions, identify your goals and seek a favorable outcome
  • Handles your divorce discreetly and effectively
  • Helps you understand and use low-conflict methods, such as collaborative divorce and mediation
  • Provides reliable and reputable service, identifying and valuing important assets
  • Addresses the unique concerns you face regarding parenting and custody issues
  • Seeks positive results through the legal system when other forms of dispute resolution fall short

Divorce is never easy. Particularly for those with a high net worth, protecting wealth during a divorce can become complex. Work with highly reputable legal counsel when considering divorce in Connecticut.