When High Asset Means High Conflict

If you and your spouse are approaching divorce, you need good information and experienced legal counsel to preserve your wealth and emotional well-being. Obviously, the fewer conflicts that arise throughout your divorce, the better it is for your family, fortune and future. But many parties – particularly those with high-value assets – are unable to avoid conflict when it comes to the details of their divorce. How do they overcome contentious disputes while protecting their finances and considering their best interests and those of their children?

Each couple brings to divorce unique challenges and issues that must be resolved prior to making it official. For some, challenges lie not only in the intricacy of their financial holdings, but also in the history that brought them to divorce.

There are methods of dispute resolution, like collaboration, mediation, arbitration and negotiation, that work to diminish the polarizing tendencies of the divorce process.

Alternative methods provide an effective, nonintrusive environment for the parties to work out disputes, even if they have substantially different positions at the outset of negotiations. These processes keep the disagreement outside a public courtroom while still making use of attorneys’ valuable guidance.

Despite the benefits of these processes, certain factors could preclude success, including the following:

  • The spouses are unable to work together either alone or with counsel.
  • One partner is hiding assets or unwilling to act in good faith.
  • Emotional, physical or substance abuse is a factor in the divorce.
  • Issues concerning parenting taint efforts to resolve financial issues.

Even when the parties cannot complete their divorce in a collaborative way, low-conflict methods may resolve some issues, leaving specific points, rather than the entire divorce process, to a litigated setting.

Alternative dispute mechanisms can meet client expectations while saving time and preserving financial security. If you are seeking a divorce in Connecticut, speak with a skilled divorce attorney in Stamford.