Settled: The High-Asset Divorce of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

While high-stakes celebrity divorce cases make good tabloid fodder, they also offer an informative glimpse into how individuals work out fair agreements while in the glare of the public spotlight. Public or private, high-net-worth couples have similar concerns as they work through divorce.

Separated since November 2011, actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were married in 2005 after a lengthy courtship. There are no children from the relationship, and the delay from 2011 in obtaining a divorce was, according to the media, because of disagreements over financial details.

In this case, Ms. Moore and Mr. Kutcher are both high-net-worth individuals. Despite the celebrity and wealth of Ms. Moore and the relative obscurity of Mr. Kutcher when they married, the couple did not execute a prenuptial agreement.

Since that time, 35-year-old Mr. Kutcher, undoubtedly helped along by his high-profile relationship with Ms. Moore, became a highly paid television actor, earning approximately $750,000 per episode on the CBS program Two and a Half Men. News reports noted that Ms. Moore sought a portion of the income Mr. Kutcher was earning as spousal support, despite her own undisputed wealth.

For couples with substantial assets, marriage and divorce create important financial challenges. By forgoing a prenuptial agreement, Ms. Moore put her personal estate at risk.

Challenges affluent spouses frequently face during divorce include the following:

  • Fair and appropriate division of the marital estate
  • Adequate financial support relative to the lifestyle previously enjoyed
  • Private negotiations that minimize public exposure

In the end, Ms. Moore and Mr. Kutcher quietly settled their divorce out of the limelight, arriving at a financial agreement that was reportedly satisfactory to both parties.

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