Using Electronic Media During Divorce

Is social media a boon or curse during divorce? The answer is: it depends.

The divorce process can be upsetting, frustrating and frightening. When the decision to divorce is made, family and friends learn about it quickly. During a divorce, how you talk to your friends about your experience matters.

Keeping conflict low between divorcing spouses makes it easier to approach sometimes thorny topics such as custody, parenting time and the division of assets. When online content comes into play, though, tempers can quickly fray and deals on the table can easily vanish.

During litigated divorce, Facebook and online dating sites are fruitful resources for gathering potentially damaging case evidence.

Consider the following tips for managing electronic media during the divorce process:

  • Email: Email is a terrific way to correspond with your spouse, especially if you have children. Email reduces communication to the specifics without the emotional tenor of a telephone call. When you email your spouse, do so carefully. Even when angry, keep discussions civil. Do not make suggestions or promises that could be misunderstood.
  • Social media: When updating friends on Facebook, be especially careful. Once you put information into an online forum, it could go anywhere and to anyone. If you get a new job or go on vacation, tell good friends personally, instead of electronically.
  • Pictures: Be cautious posting pictures of yourself or your children, online during a divorce. Ensure you are not tagged in photographs of friends.

When discussing your frustration over divorce or parenting, think twice before you create content that can be printed and presented in a court of law. Speak with experienced legal counsel in Fairfield County if you have questions about content you find or post during divorce.