Termination of Parental Rights in Connecticut

Understanding the consequences of legal actions is particularly important when considering the termination of parental rights in Connecticut.

For several reasons, a parent may seek to terminate his or her parental rights or the rights of the other parent. Legally severing the rights of a parent is a serious and permanent action.

In some cases, a parent with child support obligations may seek to terminate his or her rights in order to avoid this financial obligation. The state of Connecticut considers both parents to be economically responsible for caring for their child. Termination of parental rights that would leave financial care of the child to the state is not likely to occur.

In other cases, grounds to terminate parental rights in Connecticut include:

  • A child abandoned by a parent who shows no reasonable interest or concern for his or her child.
  • Parental rights can be terminated if it is found a child is subject to parental acts of omission or commission such as sexual molestation, exploitation or other abuse.
  • There is currently no parental relationship and time to reestablish such a relationship is not in the best interests of the child.
  • Neglect on the part of a parent that leaves the child in the care of the state, despite the presence of a plan to facilitate reestablishing custody, is grounds to terminate parental rights.
  • A parent unwilling to pursue personal rehabilitation in order to care for his or her child is subject to termination of rights to their child.
  • A parent who kills, assaults or harms one of his or her children, or parents a child through sexual assault may have parenting rights terminated.

If you have concerns or questions about termination of parental rights in Connecticut, speak with an experienced family law attorney in Fairfield County.