Keeping Child Discipline Consistent Between Divorced Parents

One of the most significant challenges divorced parents face is figuring how they can maintain consistent discipline and expectations for their children, especially if the kids split time between the two parents’ homes. It’s common for disputes to arise, for example, when one parent has different standards than the other.

Working together in a positive way is very important when raising children in conjunction with your former partner. The following are some tips to help you along the way:

  • Stick to established rules: To the extent possible, try to maintain rules and expectations you had for your children when you and your ex-spouse were still married. You may need to make adjustments, but the basic foundation for how you wish to raise your kids should still be there.
  • Communicate openly: Many divorced parents make the mistake of cutting off communication with their former partner once a divorce is finalized. If you have kids, that’s not a good option. Keep lines of communication open, especially if children are experiencing discipline problems.
  • Respect the other parents’ decisions: It might be difficult to accept, but the other parent has the same right to do what he or she thinks is good for your children. As long as these rules are healthy and fair, you should be open minded about the ways in which your former spouse chooses to interact with and discipline your kids.
  • Keep children out of disputes: Although you may have certain disagreements with your ex-spouse, keep the kids out of them. Avoid using your children to send messages back and forth, and do not vent to your kids about the other parent.

It’s not easy raising children with someone who doesn’t live with you, particularly if you have a history of disagreements and dispute with the other parent. Keep these tips in mind if you’re facing this challenge after a divorce. For more information and guidance on child custody and visitation issues in Connecticut, contact a skilled Stamford divorce lawyer.