Can marrying out of your league lead to divorce?

Are you man who wakes up every day amazed the woman you are with agreed to marry you? Of course, that is how every man should feel. But, what if you believe that your wife is out of your league? If this is the case with you, do you feel secure in your arrangement, or are you worried that this unbelievable luck will soon run out?

If you feel that your luck may soon come to an end, you may be right according to new research. It seems that men marrying women who are more physically attractive than their husband may become less committed due to circumstances around the discrepancy. When this is the case, divorce may be inevitable. What usually happens is when physical attributes don’t line up equally, the romantic relationship has a greater chance of falling apart.

What can go wrong

When a woman is more attractive than their male spouse, the lack of commitment from the woman is not necessarily due to the significant difference in physical displays. It commonly comes down to continued jealously of the man and continued flirting of the female who may want to continually be assured of their attractiveness. However, if you are a man in this position and can refrain from jealousy and constant worry of infidelity, then being with a mate with such attractive qualities will generally give you a happy life. Men have reported that being with such an attractive spouse makes them happier and more devoted. But devotion may not be enough to keep the marriage together.

Another hope for men who have a significant appearance deficiency from their wife but want to keep the marriage going, is if they were friends with their spouse long before the marriage. In these instances, the marriage has a better chance of surviving. But if you both met a short time before getting married, your chances of long-time marital bliss decrease sharply.

We may be programmed to pursue better than ourselves

It is not unusual for two people who seemingly appear to be on two different physical levels to be together. When both men and women speak of how they traditionally pursue a potential partner, they say they look for someone who is more attractive than them. But when it comes to marriage, men more than women will maintain a relationship with a woman who seem more similarly matched. This may explain the danger of when men marry out of their league.

Both men and women who are far apart from each other in the physical attractiveness department may struggle keeping their marriage together than other typical couples. If you are a man in a marriage that may seem too good to be true, you may want to watch out, it just might be.