Don’t make one of these mistakes during your divorce

Once the divorce process is in motion, you’ll feel as if you’re being pulled in many different directions. For instance, you’re worried about your children one second but have to create a property and debt division checklist the next.

There are many potential mistakes lurking, with these among the most common:

  • Taking advice from anyone and everyone: It’s okay to discuss your divorce with the people in your life, but don’t take legal advice from them.
  • Putting your children in the middle: You need to protect your children during your divorce, not use them as pawns. Adding to this, never bad-mouth your soon-to-be ex-spouse in front of your children.
  • Focusing too much attention on one detail: For example, you may be so concerned with property division that you overlook a variety of jointly held debts. Every detail of the divorce process deserves your attention, so don’t put anything important on the back burner.
  • Neglecting to plan for the future: Even though divorce has a way of taking over your life, you still need to think about the months and years to come. This will ensure that you’re making the best possible decisions during your divorce, such as when negotiating property division, child custody and child support.

Proper planning can go a long way in helping you avoid these mistakes, as well as many others. As soon as there’s no turning back, focus all your time and attention on the finer details of your divorce. When you understand what’s to come and how to protect your legal rights, it’s much easier to make confident decisions.