Helpful tips for telling your children about divorce

It’s a difficult conversation, but one that you have to have. The sooner you tell your children about your divorce the sooner you can move on with the process itself. Furthermore, this allows you to better help your children through this difficult time.

These tips will help you discuss your divorce with your children:

  • Be honest: You don’t have to share details, but you should be honest about your relationship, the divorce process and what’s to come. Of course, make sure the conversation is age appropriate.
  • Write out what you want to say: Just because you’re speaking with your children, it doesn’t mean it’s any easier to explain your divorce. Writing out what you want to say will keep you on track while ensuring that you don’t forget something of importance.
  • Think like your child: Don’t think like an adult when telling your children about your divorce. Put yourself in your child’s shoes as this will help you tailor the conversation to their needs. For example, you know that your children may take the blame for the divorce, so you can hedge this off.
  • Don’t call it quits after one conversation: The initial conversation is important, but your work is never really done. You should continue to chat with your children about your divorce and the impact on their lives as often as necessary.

You need a clear mind as you move through the divorce process, so discuss the situation with your children as soon as possible. With this out of the way, you can focus all of your attention on your legal rights and creating a better future.