Another side of stress: The odds of divorce

Everyone feels stress from time to time, some more than others. In general, we know that it’s bad for us. For some, it leads to higher odds of getting sick. For others, it can contribute to heart and blood pressure issues. For still other people, it triggers anxiety.

The impacts of stress on your life are too many to name here, but let’s take a look at another one that people don’t talk about as often: divorce.

Researchers suggest that stress can contribute to the odds that a couple will decide to end their marriage. This could mean that they are generally stressed out about a lot of things; for instance, people often say that money problems lead to divorce, but it could be argued that the stress from those financial troubles is the real culprit. The same could relate back to the stress of having children, losing a job, getting sick and much more.

Many couples also face distinct types of stress from outside sources. In an ideal world, these things should stay separate from the marriage and not impact it at all, but that’s rarely how it works.

For example, someone who faces a lot of stress at work may end up working long hours, traveling constantly and spending less time with their family. They may also feel irritable all the time and treat people in a way they don’t appreciate, eroding those relationships. In this way, professional stress can also end a marriage.

If you decide to get divorced, whether stress contributes or not, take the time to look into all of your important legal rights.