How people look at divorce today

People in the United States do not look at divorce the same way that they did in the 1950s. Opinions have shifted. This has absolutely changed the landscape of marriage in the United States in some interesting ways.

First of all, divorce is socially acceptable to most people now in a way that it simply was not before. Since people used to feel that the decision wouldn’t be accepted, they would stay together when they wanted (or needed) to part. Now, they feel more free to extract themselves from bad relationships.

Divorce is also easier than it has been in the past. It used to be that you had to prove someone was at fault to have a reason to end a marriage. Now you don’t. With no-fault divorces, couples can split up quickly if they want to do so.

Independence also plays a role. Before women were as accepted into the workforce as they are today, they often felt that they had to stay married or they’d have no income. With the ability to work on their own in recent decades, women have the freedom to choose divorce — or to not get married at all. They don’t have to accept an unhappy or even abusive relationship.

Finally, life expectancy has gone up. Gray divorce is also on the rise. As people live longer, some of them get divorced later in life when they may simply not have lived long enough to get to that point 100 years ago.

All of these things have drastically changed divorce over the decades, and it is very important for couples in 2019 to know what legal options and rights they have.