Prenup myths: You can put it off

You believe in getting things done at the last minute. You joke that you work best under pressure. When it comes to planning your wedding, you take the same stance. Everything comes together very late in the game: weeks or even days before the ceremony.

You take the same approach to your prenuptial agreement. You know you want one, but it’s complicated, and you wait to sign it until two days before the wedding. You show it to your future spouse, presenting it as just one more detail to complete. That’s fine, right?

Not really. Putting off a prenup means that it may not stand if you do get divorced.

There are a lot of problems with waiting for so long. Did your spouse have time to read it? Did they have time to really think about what they read and consider what it meant? With such a short time frame, they may argue that they did not, and that can invalidate it because they didn’t know what they were signing.

They can also argue that putting it off put them under duress. Maybe they didn’t want a prenup or did not agree with the one you wrote, but they didn’t want to cancel the wedding two days before the ceremony. They and many others already had a lot of money invested. If they were under duress, the prenup can also get tossed out.

A prenuptial agreement is useful, but you have to know how to use it. Make sure you understand the whole process so that you don’t buy into any myths.