How often do fathers see their children after divorce?

Are you a father heading toward a divorce? If so, your primary concern may be how often you get to see your children after the split. You may feel confident that things will work out financially, and you may have asked for the divorce, so it’s what you want, but you worry that you will lose time with your children.

Every case, of course, is different. However, looking at how often fathers tend to see their children after divorce can give you some insight into what you may encounter moving forward.

To begin with, studies have found that fathers who do not actively live with their children see them more than one time per week in just 22% of cases. More common is a schedule that allows them to see the children from one to four times per month — a maximum of about once a week — which is true for 29% of fathers. Unfortunately, though, the studies also found that more than one-quarter of these fathers “have no contact with their children.” That was true in 27% of cases.

The good news is that the courts do tend to favor situations where both parents get to see their children. That’s what they want to set up, if possible. So, while you may not get as much time as you’d like, you should expect to see your children if that’s what you want. Only in exceptional situations will the court deny all contact.

Even so, make sure you are well aware of your parental rights as you move forward with this process.