Understanding how divorce limits your freedom

Do you feel trapped in your marriage? Do you think that you don’t have enough freedom? Maybe that’s why divorce sounds attractive to you. You want that freedom back. You want to live your own life.

Now, divorce may provide you with some element of freedom that you can’t get without it. Perhaps your spouse is financially abusive, for example, and doesn’t let you control the family’s money.

However, it is important to understand that divorce can also limit your freedom.

For instance, maybe you have children together. If you both get custody, you cannot just take the kids and move out of the state. That would infringe on your ex’s custody rights. You have to ask the court for permission.

Or, maybe you make more money than your ex. You could get ordered to pay alimony or spousal support. You could also find yourself paying child support. You don’t have financial freedom with all of your money. You must follow the court order.

This is not to talk you out of a divorce by any means. It may still be the right decision for you and for your future. However, some people have inaccurate expectations. They get divorced and feel surprised by the reality. You need to understand what the divorce means, up front, and you need to know exactly how it is actually going to change your life.

If you do end up getting that divorce, having accurate expectations not only makes it go smoothly, but it also allows you to plan properly. You can focus on your legal rights and all of the steps you need to take.