Could infatuation lead to divorce?

A lot of things may lead to divorce, but infatuation? Wouldn’t that be more likely to start a relationship rather than end one?

It may feel that way, but one woman said she felt like it contributed to her divorce. The problem is that it pushed her through her own relationship too quickly. She jumped into the marriage before she knew what the relationship would really be like or what her spouse was like.

After it ended, she said in an interview that “infatuation isn’t the right or best reason to get married,” and she noted that the first year that a couple spends together does not reflect how the entire future of their life together will be.

In short, that first year is something of a honeymoon period, especially for those who are infatuated with one another and very physically attracted to each other. It feels fun and exciting, and that’s great. But they don’t have enough time to really get to know what they’ll be like when life becomes more mundane or when they face struggles and disagreements.

After marriage, they suddenly enter a brand new world, a brand-new reality. It may feel nothing like that exciting first year, and they just do not have enough experience to know how to make it last. In that way, it pushes them toward a divorce.

Are you thinking about ending your marriage? Maybe it all relates back to a quick wedding that you now think was a mistake, or maybe it doesn’t. Either way, just make sure you know what steps to take.