How to make the most of time with your kids

One of the downsides of a child custody agreement is that you likely have to split time with your ex. This is a good thing for the children. Make sure you keep that in mind. If you really want to put them first, they need that time with both parents.

From your perspective, though, it can be limiting. If you now have half as much time with your children, how can you really make that time count? Here are a few tips:

  • Set up rituals and patterns. One of the most common is reading a book before bed. Children love these rituals and it helps them connect with you and feel important.
  • Engage during the time you have. Don’t just watch TV or let your child watch your phone. Sure, there’s a place for things like watching favorite movies or TV shows together, but just make sure that the time you have is time well spent and you are connecting with your children.
  • Be vocal about how you feel. Tell your child how important and loved they are. Don’t assume that they know it or take it for granted. A child can never be told too often how much they are valued and loved.
  • Let your child pick the games and events. Don’t just tell them what they have to do with you. Let them choose and then show them that you enjoy their activities, as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to act like a child. Goof around. Spend time laughing. Play silly games. Let loose and enjoy yourself.

These tips can certainly help your relationship grow strong, even when your time is limited. Be sure you consider all of your legal rights when setting up a custody schedule.