Ways that child support can be enforced

Child support, as the name suggests, has the sole intention of benefiting the child of the person who pays it. However, many parents who are ordered to pay child support experience feelings of bitterness or resentment because they feel that perhaps their ex is using the funds to benefit their own lifestyle.

Child support orders are based on the income of the non-custodial parent, and are paid to the custodial parent. They can be used for anything that increases the quality of life of the child, therefore the money can be spent on a better home, education, or on clothing and food.

Child support is in the child’s best interests, and is never an amount that the non-custodial parent cannot afford. If they are struggling to afford the payments, they can apply for a modification based on their new income or increased living expenses. It is for this reason that it is not acceptable for a parent to simply stop making child support payments. If your ex has stopped making child support payments, you will likely be wondering what you can do to resolve this. The following are some ways in which child support payments can be legally enforced.

Wage garnishment

While you may think that your ex cannot be forced to make their child support payments, this is not strictly true. If they are employed, the child support agency may be able to work with their employer to intercept their wages before they receive it. This will enable you to gain the child support you are owed.

Benefits or tax refund interception

Similarly, it may be possible for the child support agency to intercept payments from the government to gain the child support payments you are owed.

Passport denial and license suspension

The government tries to limit the freedoms of those who refuse to pay child support. For example, a person who has not paid the child support they owe may not be able to gain a passport, and they may also have their drivers’ license suspended.

If you are struggling financially because you have not received the child support that you are owed, it is important that you do not tolerate this. Make sure that you investigate your options for enforcement so that you can gain the payments you and your child are owed.