State Task Force Seeks Reforms to Connecticut Child Custody Laws

Earlier this year, a Connecticut task force found that reforms were necessary to child custody cases heard in the state’s courts. The Connecticut legislature created the group, called the Task Force to Study Legal Disputes Involving the Care and Custody of Minor Children, last year. The task force recommended a variety of reforms, including a cap on court-appointed child guardians’ fees.

The biggest reason why the task force recommended reform to this particular aspect of child custody cases is that many parents say that the fees have completely drained their finances. The panel voted on nearly 100 different proposals relating to child custody, with a special focus on how legal costs affect families in custody arrangements. All of these steps came after a public hearing featuring the complaints of numerous parents engaged in custody disputes. In fact, some said that they had to spend more than $20,000 on judge-appointed guardians.

Connecticut is not the only state to begin taking a fresh look at custody laws and how they affect parents in a different ways. Legislatures across the country are implementing or considering reforms that would make this process easier and less costly for parents going through divorce, while also making it less stressful for children.

It’s still not completely clear what the future looks like for child custody law in Connecticut, but if you’re dealing with this issue, be sure to work with a skilled and experienced family lawyer. Consult the Stamford child custody attorneys at Siegel, Reilly & Kaufman, LLC for the guidance you need.