A prenup can help as life changes

A prenuptial agreement helps protect your future. It helps to address a potential divorce in advance, with a focus on the way that your life may change moving forward.

To see how this works, just look at one of the more common reasons why you don’t need to use a prenup: If you don’t think you’ll gain much that you want to protect.

“Before you are married, the two of you may think that you never want to buy real property, build retirement accounts, or have plans to create any other investments that you might want to protect,” one expert said in Business Insider. “Additionally, you may know that neither of you will desire to change employment, incomes, or even intend to have children or pets. If there is nothing to protect, then you do not need a prenup.”

All you have to do is flip the script to see how helpful a prenup can be. Most couples do intend to buy pets, save for retirement and have children. Many understand that their employment may change in the future, whether they want it to or not, and that can lead to some serious changes in income.

These are just natural steps in the traditional American life. While you can always find outliers, these are things that most couples will do after they tie the knot. That’s when a prenup can really add some security.

If you do want to draft a prenup, it is important to know exactly how to go about it. You need to make sure that it will hold up in court.