Shared parenting can be an emotional roller-coaster

Sharing parenting time with your ex may not always be simple. Even when the agreement is simple in theory — you get 50% of the time with the kids and so does your ex, for instance — it still becomes an emotional roller-coaster.

That’s exactly the type of parenting-time division one woman had, and she said it could be a bit conflicting to deal with. Even after she had been doing it for years, she still struggled with it.

When the kids were with her, they had their fair share of hard times. Being a parent isn’t easy. She had to deal with children running late, making messes, getting in arguments and refusing to do their schoolwork.

In that sense, there were some upsides to sending them back to their father’s house; she even admitted that some divorced parents thought of it as a perk. She had time to herself for cleaning, reading, sleeping, showering, and anything else she wanted to do. That’s a luxury many parents never have.

But, rather than cherishing those times, she just missed her kids. She wanted them to come back. She wanted to deal with messes and arguments and meals and a lack of sleep. It was hard to tough it out while they lived with their father.

Her example shows why you need to think about this complex emotional situation when working out your child custody arrangement. It’s not always easy. It’s not always as simple as it sounds. Make sure you know exactly what steps you can take to find a setup that works for your family.